Karis + Kyle Engagements

Every once in a while I get into shooting things that have nothing to do with music or bands or performances or sponsors. These two are total heartbreakers and I absolutely looooved getting to know these two and to shoot out at Sekrit Theater—a very rad spot if you get the chance to check it out <3


I hope all of you are still in a food coma like me, barely functioning after eating too much of my mom's fudge (sorry, body).

The first of the year marked the first day of 2016's FREEEE WEEEEK: the best week of the year. Austin venues offer rad lineups all for free, encouraging locals to get out and see what their city has to offer. 

My first show of the week—and year, really—was rock n' roll outfit Poly Action at the Mohawk. Really glad I got to see these rad dudes rock it out :) :) :)